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Reorganisering og nedbemanning

*Denne siden er kun tilgjengelig på engelsk.

Knut Wattum will plan and participate in all stages where the HR function is involved in the reorganisation and redundancy of employees in the Company. This includes the following stages:

  • Evaluate business case support and documentation
  • Secure compliance with laws and regulations
  • Prepare, aid and discuss the business case with the Working Environment Committee
  • Support design of future organisation
  • Contribute and prepare objectively justifiable selection criteria
  • Preparation and quality assurance of the redundancy plan
  • Notification to the labour market authorities in case of collective redundancies
  • Design and fill in a selection matrix for redundancies
  • Plan and prepare for individual consultation and discussions with selected employees

Prepare an overview of individual issues such as;

  • Notice period
  • Resignation and Termination date
  • Bonus
  • Pension compensation
  • Share awards/Matching for good leavers
  • Holiday pay
  • Other contribution (Broad band, newspaper)
  • Non-competition agreements
  • Non-solicitation agreements
  • Severance pay

Wattum will also prepare necessary documentation for the redundancy process together with guidance and support to Management during all stages of reorganisation and downsizing. Documentation includes final selection documents, individual discussion protocols, severance agreements, dismissals and termination agreements.

Wattum will provide reorganisation support as described by the HR role in the redundancy process presented HERE.

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