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Employee Handbook

Knut Wattum has experience from various companies in different industrial sectors and he can design and write an Employee handbook tailor made for your business.

The purpose of the Employee Handbook is to describe the employment and working conditions within the Company based on HR policies, national legislation and relevant guidelines.

The Employee handbook normally defines the relationship between the Employer and its Employees in the following areas:

  • Values, Ethics and Code of Business Conduct
  • Employment and Career development
  • Employee obligations
  • Working conditions
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Additional work-related benefits
  • Pension and Insurance
  • Holidays and Public Holidays
  • Maternity and Paternity leave
  • Sick leave and Short leave of absence
  • Employee involvements and Occupational health
  • Expatriates

The Employee Handbook is an internal document which regulates work-related issues in the Company emphasizing the requirements to and the rights of the Employees. The Employee Handbook can also be implemented into software tools for Employee handbooks, such as Compendia or Infotjenesten.

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