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Competence Mapping

Objectives of competence mapping

  • Strategic competence planning
  • External documentation for customers and authorities
  • Relevant for individual development plans
  • Relevant for considerations on appraisal and remuneration

Main steps

  1. Decide and define competences to be included
  2. Collect self-assessments from all employees using scores from 1-3
    on each competence reflecting Working Knowledge, Skilled and Highly Competent status
    • Collect individual competences aided by an Excel sheet
    • Apply well known existing employees as references for competence knowledge levels
    • Overall competence mapping results


A complete mapping of competences in the Company

    • Number of employees with given competence and knowledge level
    • Mean years of work experience for the employees with higher competence scores for all mapped competences


 An example for competence mapping can be found HERE

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